Vigil #2 Chiang Mai Animal Save

June 15

Join us for our second vigil with Chiang Mai Animal Save, the local chapter of The Save Movement, where we will peacefully stand outside of a slaughterhouse and bear witness to the animals, before they go in to be killed. This is a non-violent peaceful event, please make sure to read the code of conduct below!

We will have signs, but you can feel free to bring you own too, with your own handwritten messages 🙂 Please bring your cameras and charged phones for documentation.

Invite your friends, vegan or non-vegan, to bear witness with us.

MEETING POINT: in front of THAI THAI HOSTEL. 109/8 Ragang Road, Chiang Mai. We will travel to the slaughterhouse together, which is a short distance away.

IMPORTANT – Please read the guidelines below before attending the vigil.


Mission Statement:
We hold peaceful vigils at slaughterhouses to bear witness to the millions of farmed animals whose lives are needlessly taken each day, and to bring public awareness to their plight. Bearing witness to the living animals that we consume has a profound effect on our choices and to our attitude towards these sentient beings who are mostly hidden from public view. To witness and to feel their suffering, to see them as the unique, individual lives that they are will strengthen our resolve to end this cruelty. We believe that ending violence and oppression must be done with love and kindness for all beings, regardless of sex, race or species.

Respect to Animals
• Stay Calm: Animals are very sensitive to our energy. Approach truck slowly, calmly and quietly so as not to frighten animals more than they are already.
• Noise: Animals are extremely sensitive to noise and are already under a great deal of stress. Consider not speaking at all or, if you must, speak in a soft and quiet tone.
• Flash: Avoid pointing your flash directly at the animals, as this will further stress the animals, only use it from the side. The organizers have a flash they will use to help you with your photography and videos.
• Touching: Exercise discretion when engaging with and touching the animals; don’t scare them.

• The organizers will be safety marshals and wear reflective vests, they are there to keep attendees safe near trucks.
• Approach truck once the organizers have finished speaking with the driver and when safety marshals signals that it’s safe. Truck drivers cannot see you.
• Stay on the ground, do not climb trucks. We cannot cause damage to any property as trucks or the slaughterhouse buildings, as this will result in a fine for the organizers.
• Bear witness on curb side of truck, not on traffic side.
• Don’t put arms in trucks. If truck moves or animals panic, you can be seriously injured.

Interactions with Truck Drivers and Plant Employees
• Speak to drivers, employees, and police with respect, even if they do not. We are there to promote peace. We wish to maintain a good relationship with the workers, as this may benefit us in the long run and allow us to enter the premises or save animals.
• Resist temptation to react/respond to provoking from employees in a negative manner.
• Oppose violence with love and kindness. We are a movement wishing to spread compassion.

Public Outreach
• Stay peaceful and positive. Avoid temptation to respond to negative comments with negative responses.
• In areas with traffic and by passers you can hold a sign at the road or leaflet, when not bearing witness. If you choose not to, please go to a designated break area so as not to detract from the seriousness of our message. Let’s make this short time speaking up for animals as effective as possible. They need us!

Event Details

Timing: 7.00 - 8.00 pm

Thai Thai Hostel
Chang Klan Rd.