Intro to Panantukan Course at Core Combat Chiang Mai

April 23 - June 11

Introductory course in Panantukan – Filipino empty hands striking, taught by Guro Sakan Lam (certified instructor).

Learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of Panantukan in this 8 week course, covering the following topics:

-History and Culture
-Triangular Footwork
-Filipino Boxing & Kali Empty Hands
-Pananjakman (Kicking Technique)
-Panantukan Counters
-Sweeps & Takedowns
-Hubud Lubud (Trapping Technique)
-Kunsri Lockflow

(Open to Ages 12 – Adult)

Students who complete the course and show proficiency will be awarded with Level I certification by the instructor.

Necessary equipment: MMA gloves (4 oz.)

Price: 3500 THB for 8 Sessions
Date: Apr. 23rd – Jun. 11th 2022
Time: Every Saturday 5:00 PM – 7: 00 PM
Location: Core Combat Chiang Mai
Contact Guro Sakan Lam for more information:
Mobile: 0865487755
LINE ID: sakan2611

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