Give the gift of tranquillity

October 31 - December 31

Float Chiang Mai is offering an incredible buy one get one free offer over the festive season.

This allows you to take a friend or give the couple a unique Christmas gift to try float therapy.

Two of you can float at the same time for 1800 baht or 900 baht each.

“Floating” is the deepest level of relaxation you will likely ever have. Floating simply refers to climbing inside one of our state of the art floatation chambers and enjoying total peace and tranquillity while free from all disturbances of the outside world. Floatation chambers, or ‘float tanks/float rooms’ are soundproof, lightproof, gravity-free environments designed to give your mind and body a state of blissful rest that cannot be replicated or achieved anywhere else on Earth!

Float effortlessly, free from all muscle tension in a gravity-free environment.

Relax as your body soaks in the Magnesium from the high-quality Epsom Salt.

Unleash your creativity and unlock your full potential free from all outside disturbances.

Strengthen the connection to yourself as you finally take a moment to ‘just be’.

Check out Float Chiang Mai’s website for more details 

Open seven days a week with float times available in 2 hour blocks at 10AM, 12 Noon, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM & 8PM.

The offer is for two people to float at the same time for 1800 baht or 900 baht a time.

Please book in advance. Offer limited to one time per person.

Event Details

Timing: 10am to 8pm

188/11 Huaykaew Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300 Email Website Facebook