Butoh Dance Showcase

July 16

Ladda Kongdach
Nontawat Machai
Prapassorn Konmuang

Directed by
Ladda Kongdach

Text story by
Dr.Chana Chancham

5 pm on 16 July 2020 At Landin coffee space

Free entry!!

Standing beneath the ocean, he raises an umbrella amidst those knobbed hump coral, staghorn coral, and sea urchin piled up tidily and downwards. Sunray shedding light through emerald blue water, tiny breath in an air bubble tries to push itself off the ocean surface while rock barnacle sticks to his left-side elbow, and a group of jellyfish moves to that way. The underwater shade is slightly shaking follow the tide. After the underwater divorce ceremony, he wanted to wander to PhiPhi island, she left an umbrella to be a reminder of hers. The next wave struck her back to the shore and back to wear a mask like the others before reaching PhiPhi. He might weave a rope cot around coral reef Boeing 747, it was nothing but an imitation reef after the airline has dismissed 747 from the squadron. An aircraft cafeteria spread out but there were no more crowds and also recycling iron was overflowed. Fortunately, 747 became the artificial reef. He might stay there for a night. Opening her umbrella and continue an ocean journey to forget it. The next wave aimed to attack her and her lover. But perhaps he wants to reach 95.854 degrees E of longitude far away from the southern ward, where the cries of the sinkhole still cannot be drowned out. He met her for the first time since the first collapse. Nearby a 747 reef, he possibly came out of the water before the divorce ceremony. It’s reported that barges of surgical masks had taken over before arrived the offshore platform. He wants to close the umbrella lying and sunbathing in the used face mask ocean. He’s getting quite pale sunlight is needed.


Event Details

Timing: 5pm