November 23

Unfolding Kafka Festival 2019 presents

‘Blanc’ by Vania Vaneau

Blanc is a solo of Vania Vaneau accompanied by the guitar player Simon Dijoud. The piece is based on research on trance and transformation, through shamanism, rituals, and representation, or how an individual is made of multiple faces in the same way white color is composed of all the other colors. This performance reveals a body that is material, physical and limited which is used by and uses its environment, while at the same time being a utopian, multiple and endless body. It plays with the different layers of a continuum that goes from reality to imaginary and from rational to irrational.

Photography by Gilles Aguilar

Supported by Ambassade de France en Thaïlande, Institut Français, Alliance Française Bangkok, World Performances @ Drama Chula, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, James H.W. Thompson Foundation, TCEB

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Event Details

Timing: 7pm - 8pm

MAIIAM Contemporary
Art Museum

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