Austin music concert at 7 Pounds

January 29

In a rare and exciting opportunity, come see six Austin musicians perform at 7 Pounds in Chiang Mai, Thailand on January 29 at 9pm (21:00). Each of these musicians is traveling with Project ATX6 as part of a documentary in the making. This concert features Moving Panoramas V3CO Alesia Lani Altamesa @Kathryn Legendre and Pocket Sounds

Discover the music before the concert:

About Project ATX6: Project ATX6 is a music documentary in the making which follows the journey of six emerging artists on the road to international music festivals. Each artist in Project ATX6 calls Austin home. The project is directed by Chris Brecht @wordsandmusicof (Insagram) photography by Kate Blaising and assistant production and video by Jonathon Broughton

Event Details

Timing: 8.30pm

Seven Pound

086 607 2002 Facebook