BOOM Vision!

January 18

This is not your typical boom party.
Please read the description carefully.

Downtempo & Deep House
Chill-Out in the water
Big Outdoor Area
Activation Workshops
Kayaking & Cliff Jumping

The rumours are true…

A new decade is upon us. A new era is here, waiting to be experienced by you. All things are possible in this era. Reality is elastic, permissive and abundant.

But in order to step into this portal, you will have to define your VISION and ACTIVATE your senses! Taste, feel, touch, see and hear a whole new frequency.

Let’s do this together

We have carefully curated an immersive environment designed to activate your senses and open your THIRD EYE. Yes, the invisible eye that allows you to SEE into other realms and dimensions.

We invite you to be part of this year’s ONLY Boom. Bring your presence, leave your phone behind. Be here, be now. With us.

To get the most out of the experience please arrive on time for all the activations.

Activate your senses:
10:00 AcroYoga Workshop at The Boom
11:00 Improv Workshop by Mind into Matter
12:00 The DREAM Workshop at the Canyon
13:00 GROUP GAME: From Dream to Destiny at The Boom
14:30 Dance Initiation by Eliana & Riyoon
16:00 DJ Bedcheck
16:30 Contact Improv Workshop At BOOM Chiang Mai
18:00 Riyoon
20:00 Alex Doering
22:00 Sushi Firas b2b Bedcheck


Alex Doering

DJ Bedcheck (Varunyoo Thongdee)

Sushi Firas جوّ Jaou

Before 18h: 150 baht
After 18h: 200 baht


(or buy one from us – 50 baht)

workshop included in the ticket price

Red truck pick up point is at the THREE KINGS MONUMENT for 50 baht

Event Details

Timing: 10am - midnight

Grand Canyon

097 929 8559 Facebook