Plant together #2

August 10

Come and build green fields:)

Small but warm activities with farmers.  Our Ban Pong community will join together to grow rice every year.  By planting on mother’s day is an experience that creates happiness, fun, and open your new experiences.

Come to join the rice planting and mini concert by the New and Peck

Saturday, August 10, 2562
At Brandnew Field Good

13:00 Registration shirts for activities
14.00 Event clay and straw for
15:30 with the planting of rice. Farmers
17.00 Pick up snacks, drinks and enjoy the mini concert. From New and Thumb

Cost of joining
adult activities is 900 baht per person.
Children up to 10 years old, 600 baht,
Limited amount of 50 people only !!
Interested in joining the activity Line @: @brandnewfieldgood

Event Details

Timing: 1 - 6 pm

Brandnew Field Good

097 978 8456 Email Facebook