November 22

Olivia Scemama (bass), Luca Ventimiglia (electronics), Yann Joussein (drums, compositions)

Around repetitive drum turns and bits of romantic melodies, this trio looks for its own trance between siren calls, distorted bass and pounding drums. Bodies are carried away by hypnotic pulsations, supported by haunting machine sounds and synth layers. Gathered around the compositions of Yann Joussein, trio TRIBALSM3 uses a simple and hovering language, precise and repetitive. The three members being improvisers they can speak any language, circulate and express themselves freely.

The music of the trio is part of an experimental vein between techniques extended to drums and electronic music. They explore many musical styles, from free jazz to noise music, from minimalism to repetitive rock. TRIBALISM3 comes from TRIBALISM for seven musicians and three dancers written by Yann joussein and choreographed by Claire Malchrowicz: shared space, where musicians, dancers and spectators are on the same floor listening to the same breath.

Event Details

Timing: 9.30pm - 10.30pm

Thapae East - Venue for the Creative Arts