Japanese Film Festival 2020

February 28 - March 1

28 February – 1 March 2020
SFX Cinema, MAYA Chiang Mai

Opening ceremony at 3rd floor MAYA Shopping Center.

Meet special guest and mini concert “CGM48” (girl group) at 6.25pm

Film List
1.A Banana? At This Time of Night? (Directed by Tetsu Maeda)
2.Angel Sign (Directed by Tsukasa Hojo, Nonzee Nimibutr, Kamila Andini, Ham Tran, Ken Ochiai, Masatsugu Asahi)
3.Bento Harassment (Directed and Written by Renpei Tsukamoto)
4.Children of the Sea (Directed by Ayumu Watanabe)
5.Dance with Me (Directed by Shinobu Yaguchi)
6.I Go Gaga, My Dear (Directed by Naoko Nobutomo)
7.Little Love Song (Directed by Kojiro Hashimoto)
8.Masquerade Hotel (Directed by Masayuki Suzuki)
9.Miyamoto (Directed by Tetsuya Mariko)
10.My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (Directed by Kyohei Fujimura)
11.Samurai Shifters (Directed by Isshin Inudo)
12.The Fable (Directed by Kan Eguchi)
13.Until I Meet September’s Love (Directed by Toru Yamamoto)
14.12 Suicidal Teens (Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi)


Event Details

Timing: 7pm - 10pm

SFX Cinema,