High on your own supply x Jai Thep Festival (Sober Rave)

January 19

January 19th 2020
3rd Floor, One Nimman Chiang Mai
5 PM – Midnight

An event focused on self-connection. Jai Thep & High On Your Own Supply have curated a special program that will help you connect with your own soul energy and get high on your own supply, raising your vibrations higher through the power of self. To experience the full flow of the event we recommend you to come at 5 PM and immerse yourself slowly, experiencing the whole process to its maximum.

5 PM: Ambient music
6 PM: Kundalini meditation
7 PM: Sound bath by NOTEP
10 PM: Riyoon

Alcohol-free bar
Vegan food

High On Your Own Supply is a platform to guide people back towards themselves and their divine nature by teaching mindfulness and appreciation of nature through modern mediums such as technology, fun events, music, art and adventures. We aim to create an experience that will forever be a part of their subconsciousness. All our events strictly prohibit recreational substances – Alcohol, Nicotine and others.

The aim of this party is to help nourish people and nature. In this modern world, more and more people are suffering with mental health issues due to the pressures laid on us from society, work, social media and living in a concrete jungle far away from nature. People can easily drift towards feelings of detachment, no longer feeling satisfied with life’s little pleasures. In order to feel good, they fill the void with substances and empty material objects instead of their own soul energy. Many people are no longer in control of their own mind, body and soul. We live in an era where saving the world is paramount to survival. If we don’t make positive changes soon then the world will become uninhabitable for generations to come. It’s time to get up, be conscious of the way we consume and help plant seeds wherever we can. Come and join us in this celebration of spirit where we will create light and celebrate the joy of community.
For our first event, we join forces with Jai Thep Festival, who themselves are sharing the message of self-growth, community and working towards a more sustainable future.

Next event: Green Space Camping, Nakornsritummarat 28-29 February 2020
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Event Details

Timing: 5pm - midnight

One Nimman