The wisdom of Thai herbal ball

June 7 - June 28

Thai herbal ball is used for kneading and rolling on various parts of the body by using herbal ball after Thai massage.

The herbal ball can be fresh or dry, containing mostly volatile oils with specific properties. It’s heated by steaming before use.

Usefulness of herbal ball pressing is helps to relax the muscles, stimulating blood flow and the effect of Thai medicinal herbs is obtained.

Here we will make dry herbal ball. First we will meet at Porwa Massage. I will serve you with Thai herb drink, and we get to know each other. After that, we will begin the process of learning how to make Thai herbal ball. Start by explaining what the ingredients and the benefits of herbs in Thai herbal ball. I will show you how to make the Thai herbal ball to you. After that, let everyone make their own Thai herbal ball. I would advise you while you are making your own Thai herbal ball.

After we finish, we will try Thai herbal hot compress massage with your Thai herbal ball, My Therapist will give you a massage for 1.5 Hrs.

Every Monday-Friday morning at 10:00 AM
at Porwa Massage

The price only 1,500 THB per person
Include Workshop and Massage 1.5 Hrs.

***please make a reservation and pay 1 day before***

Event Details

Timing: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Porwa Massage

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