The Video Maker Camp – Project-based learning opportunity

July 11 - July 12

During this camp we will cover practical techniques to create professional looking videos using your own camera or mobile phone.

We will learn how to use the camera’s functions, shooting techniques, audio and editing life-saving skills. This is a practical course.

The first day will be about pre-production: How to use que equipment, how to work to a brief and how to plan your shooting… and production: How to setup your set, lighting techniques, how to view and critique shots.

Second day is about post-production: organizing your material, uploading files to computer for editing, how to use editing software (an introduction), How to edit (cutting, transitions, coloring and titles) and finalizing your project.

Special to adults and teens:

The Video Maker Camp

July 11 and 12

The Little Urban Farm Fa Ham

Price per camp: 3,600 THB for 2 days, all food, materials and snacks, insurance included.

Event Details

Timing: 9.30am - 4.30pm

The Little Urban Farm