Financial Self Awareness at Light Brown coffee

April 22

Free Workshop: Financial Self Awareness.

Self Awareness Workshops offer an opportunity to exchange ideas & thoughts related to common topics or questions related to the Self.

1. Develop a deep understanding of basic concepts related to Money
2. Learn Finance without Numbers
3. Apply financial self awareness to personal life choices

The workshop is a simple group discussion in order to learn from each other & participation requires preparation from everyone.

Please go through the content list below and develop your own understanding by looking up answers on the internet or through any resources available to you.

1. Assess your Financial Self Awareness
2. Studying Finance vs Developing Financial Self Awareness
3. Common Misconceptions
4. Understanding Financial Freedom
5. Basic concepts: Equity, Assets, Income, Currency, Money

Feel free to ask any questions that you would like to discuss during the workshop. Prior to the workshop review the list of questions submitted. Think about how you can answer them during the workshop. “The best way to learn is to teach.”

I’m not the expert here – on matters relating to your Self. I’m just the moderator for this meeting.

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