Eye-Gazing, Where Souls Meet And Heal

June 7

Once you locked eyes, the journey is on. With every breath and each blink you are diving deeper into your souls. Questions may arise, but you will find them dissolving in the moment. Trust the process, your healing has already begun. Let the flow carry you, you may find yourselves somewhere you haven’t been before.

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#Authentic, Deep Connection with Oneself and Others
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“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden, and just like a mirror they also reflect the person looking into them.”
If you have ever eye-gazed before, you know how it feels to really, truly SEE and to really, truly BE SEEN. It is like standing naked in front of a mirror. Sometimes we like what we see, sometimes we can’t stand looking at it.
Each and every journey has its value and shows something about ourselves. It is not just our current mood, feelings, thoughts that become visible, memories from the past can also present themselves in the most unexpected moments. It is not only fun and joy but sometimes pain, fear and struggle can come to surface…locking eyes with someone in these moments is an incredibly powerful experience, where instead of running away from yourself, everything you need is given to you to face “it”, while you are being fully accepted and gently nurtured.

Eye-gazing is a deeply healing experience, and also a form of meditation and is considered a sacred practice. Whether you eye-gaze with human beings, animals or yourself, please make sure to always start with setting your pure intention and finishing up with grounding and gratitude.

In our session together, we will start with energy cleansing and intention setting. We will continue with tuning into each other with various exercises… breaking boundaries, warming hearts. After eye-gazing we will have a grounding meditation and a closing ceremony.

Good to know:
We have limited 10 spots! Please, make sure TO SIGN UP (SEND A MESSAGE to Saraswati Rising) and commit yourself to be here.
Your contribution: 150bht is the suggested donation, however we accept more or less with an open heart.
Heart Space is next to B2 Green Hotel in Santhitam.
Cushions, mats, tea, pen and paper if you wish to journal will be offered.

Event Details

Timing: 6.00 - 7.39 pm

Heart Space