Confront your Inner Critic

August 23

There is a pessimist living within each and every one of us. BUT it is how we handle it that controls the outcome! The difference between struggling chronically with self-doubt and letting it go fairly quickly is in how quickly we get down to the root of the problem. The critic within you is a cunning, baffling, and dubious foe. It will often trick you into believing that your state of misery is comfortable and the norm, and it couldn’t be more wrong. As people, we place such value on whether or not we “like” something. This Fast Track technique will allow you to re-wire that way of thinking and place more emphasis on what it is you truly want out of your life…Health, wealth, and love. Allow fast track in and confront your inner critique and get to the bottom of where this self doubt came from and allow yourself to be liberated and start receiving the many gifts that this life has to offer.

300 THB

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Timing: 5.30 - 7.30pm

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