An introduction to Western Astrology at Srisuwan Mansion

December 17

An introduction to Western Astrology

What is a birth chart? Do planets really influence our lives? Isn’t astrology a religion? (Spoiler alert, it isn’t.) What is so pesky about Mercury going retrograde, or Saturn returning? And how on earth is my Venus getting into so much trouble?

Small tidbits of astrological information come to us all the time, filtered by overuse and vulgarisation.

Yet astrology is a beautiful, elegant, mystical and poetic system that civilizations have practiced for millennia. It holds much wisdom for who would like to peer beyond the surface. It can teach you so much about yourself, others and the world.

Come and join us for a discovery workshop about the signs, the planets and the birth chart. And please send us your birth information (date, time and place) when you sign up, so we can draw your charts for you!

Eléonore has been a student of astrology for 25 years and has written 2 books of names for babies based on their birth day

This workshop can only accommodate 6 participants, so book quickly!

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Srisuwan Mansion