Coffee Camp: Chiang Mai Coffee Cultivation

July 6

Industrial Promotion Center Region 1 held trip between July 6th and 8th to promote Chiang Mai coffee culture inviting Siraphun Wattanajinda, an awards winning actress, along with Chiang Mai Coffee City, Thai Coffee Association, The Federal of Thai Industries, and media to visit local coffee farms. This long running project initiated in 2015 targets the whole supply chain of coffee industry, from cultivation, processing to distribution aiming to push Chiang Mai to be a ‘coffee destination’. Visitors were introduced to the Mae Kampong Village where coffee has been the alternative income for villagers alongside fermented tea and tourism. With over five tonnes of coffee beans produced a year, the village is moving vertically on the supply chain – from production to merchandising. Thepsadej Coffee in Ban Mae Ton, Doi Saket was the second model where the unique coffee influenced by the distinctive environment has received the Geographical Indication (GI) Thailand, among other certificates. The trip also introduced a long running coffee brand, Wawee Coffee, a significant player of Chiang Mai coffee who not only holds over 20 tonnes of coffee in trade but also initiated numerous projects in enhancing coffee farmers across northern Thailand. This project of Industrial Promotion Center Region 1 targets over 300 coffee farmers, entrepreneurs and related businesses under the budget 25 million baht this year with more activities to come. We will publish an article about this project in details on our August issue.

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