Opening of Afterglow: Evidence of Life in Empty Rooms

June 30

A solo exhibition by Michelle Day, an Australian sculptor and installation artist. Afterglow was developed from her previous artwork, “How to Grow Submarine”, to be the concept of the expression of remaining emotion of non presence self in space towards the sign of recent living from imagination into surreal world. The artwork is an installation composed of exotic materials including hair, debris, light, and scent. This exhibition aims to create the sense of approaching another unfamiliar things for audience. The opening ceremony has welcomed Mr.Ronald J (Ron) Elliott from the Honorary Consulate of Australia in Chiang Mai. There was a talk session given by the artists Michele Day and Dr. Sebastein Tayac. The exhibition is divided into 2 rooms, the installation “Disturbed Air” (2017) is showing in main room and the photography series “Trace” (2017) and “What remains” (2016) sculpture series is displaying in the second room.  

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