Wacoal INDIN at Central Chiang Mai

January 3

“Wacoal” presents the WACOAL INDIN collection, underwear inspired by the natural colors of the soil layer. What is beauty? It is still a question that still needs to be answered. Because each person’s definition of beauty is different. Wacoal believes that beauty is nature. and acceptance of one’s own body Because no matter what shape or skin color Then present yourself confidently according to your own standards. As a result, the WACOAL INDIN collection, underwear created from inspiration from the natural colors of the soil layer, was born. Mrs. Kankthira Naksakon, Marketing Director of Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited, said, “The collection WACOAL INDIN, beauty from the natural colors of the soil layer, in the concept of when the beauty of nature meets the beauty of women, WACOAL INDIN will take you to discover the beauty of underwear. Created from inspiration from the colors of the soil. and want to communicate that Skin color is just a natural mechanism. It does not make us any different as human beings or in relationships. With a style that combines both function and design. Underwear position becomes perfect outerwear. In addition to the beauty of the underwear, WACOAL INDIN also adds value to wearing it. Because it is made from natural fibers and renewable materials, such as Fang and Dao Mol, which contain 10% palm oil instead of using crude oil. Including fabric made from plastic bottles and recycled nylon, the WACOAL INDIN collection includes bras with a variety of functions and designs to accommodate all cup sizes. to plus size Both sports bras Support every activity or exercise. Free cut pullover bra, slimming pants, other comfortable pajamas, built-in padded sleeve shirts, easy to mix and match with clothes in your own style. WACOAL INDIN collection: eco-friendly underwear Now available at the promotion area, 1st floor, Central Chiang Mai from 3 Jan. 2024 – 10 Jan. 2024, Wacoal counter. Women’s underwear department, 4th floor, Central Festival Chiang Mai Join in saving the world with just Waco. Because every Wacoal product goes through an environmentally friendly production process under the concept WACOAL LOVE EARTH “NOT A COLLECTION. IT’S OUR MISSION.” Wacoal is not just a collection of underwear. But it is a mission to save the world in a sustainable way. You can get it every day at Central Festival Chiang Mai or have fun every time. Information via LINE with Central Chat & Shop service or at Central Call & Shop and I Personal Shopper On Demand call 1425 or message via Facebook www facebook com CentralDepartment StoreCentralFestival Chiangmai

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