The CDSC Forest School Project

June 9

The CDSC Forest School Project was launched in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CDSC. Since then, 1,500 trees have already been planted with the support of the project partners, the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU, Chiang Mai University). When the German Ambassador to Thailand, Mr Georg Schmidt, visited the school forest of the CDSC in Mae Rim on 19 November 2021, students of the CDSC sowed 600 seeds. These were nurtured with full dedication in the specially established tree nursery on the school grounds of the CDSC until June 2022.
In order to raise some more money for the school forest, the pupils of the 6th grade of the CDSC organized a plant market on the school grounds in May 2022. The action was a complete success!
On 9 June, the Year 6 students finally set off with these 600 young trees to the school forest, where they were to be transferred back to their natural habitat. This action was opened by a speech of the deputy headmaster of the CDSC, Mr. Markus Stüber, as well as by Mr. Umporn Thongmee, the chief of the 4th Watershed Management Center, who co-manages the school forest of the CDSC. Afterwards, the pupils were taught by the project partner FORRU how to plant young trees properly.

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