Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade 50th Anniversary.

February 11

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade 50th Anniversary, their shop which has even attracted famous celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, is located on Bumruang Rajd Road.
Founded in 1973 by a group of American missionaries, Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade’s priority has been to raise awareness about tribal cultures over making sales; and their mission has been and will always be to offer job opportunities for tribal families and to pass on northern-Thai tribal heritage and culture to the world’s younger generations. Compared to 30 to 40 years ago when tribal communities weren’t even allowed to travel, the situation has improved a lot and yet, there’s still a lot of space for improvement solely because there isn’t enough awareness or education in today’s society for the importance of keeping tribal cultures alive. In order to change that situation for the better, Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade is the beginning of a long path, where new ideas bloom everyday, coming from connecting with future generations who will carry and continue tribal cultures. (For more details on the mission and support:

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