Songkran 2024 Press Conference

March 21

A press conference was held at the Chiang Mai Historical Center to announce Songkran 2024 will take place in Chiang Mai from 7 – 17 April 2024

Although Songkran will take place from 7 – 17 April 2024, the Mayor of Chiang Mai, Assanee Buranupakorn told Citylife that ‘Water throwing’ will only be allowed from 13 – 15 April 2024. Prior to this there will be cultural activities though out the city, centered around the many temples in Chiang Mai as well as Thapae Gate and Three Kings Monument.

He told the audience Songkran 2024 is to promote the Songkran tradition in Thailand, which has been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity with the landmarks in Chiang Mai, delight with most precious and rich culture, activities focus on the lifestyle of Chiang Mai cultural traditions, attracting both Thai and international tourists to visit Chiang Mai province during this period. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity to preserve Lan Na culture, participate in merit- making activities at temples, and continue the 728-year-old traditional customs of the Lan Na. Chiang Mai Municipality aims to organize activities to promote the preservation of beautiful cultural heritage and local wisdom, as well as to boost the economy and tourism of Chiang Mai province. Tourists can expect to enjoy various highlights such as the procession of bathing the Phra Phuttha Sihing Buddha image, the Miss Bicycle and Sunshade pageant, traditional performances arts of the Lan Na region, and many other activities. Join the Songkran water splashing and participate in activities along the waterway streets, reviving the grand Songkran festival of Chiang Mai. It is anticipated that a large number of both Thai and International tourists will visit Chiang Mai during this festive season. Everyone is invited to travel safely and celebrate Songkran with cultural respect, being a good host, contributing to the memorable experience of the “Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2024”

Highlights of the celebrations include

April 12 Giving Alms and Merit to Monks at Three Kings Monument -7am until 8am – on the occasion of the 728th anniversary of the foundation of Chiang Mai

April 12 Larb Contest at Thapae Gate – 8.30am until 12 noon (food contest ) followed by Sand Pagodas Building Contest also at Thapae Gate from 1pm until 5pm

April 12 Procession – Three Kings Monument to Phra Singha Temple 4pm until 5pm – Wai Sa Jum Sa Ri Nam Tip Pee Mai Muang

April 13 Thapae Gate: 7am until 8am Almsgiving Ceremony on the occasion of Pee Mai Muang / 08.09am Opening ceremony for Pee Mai Muang Chiang Mai Festival 2024 / 9.30am until 12 noon Mae Ying Riding Contest (Ladies Cycling carrying umbrellas / 10.30am – 11.30am Lanna Offering Contest / 1pm until 5pm Lanna Tung (flags) making contest

April 16 Procession of Salutation to the Governor of Chiang Mai 1pm until 5pm– from Three Kings Monument to the Governor’s Mansion (Nawarat Bridge / Thape Road)

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