SKAL AGM at Akyra Manor Hotel

November 30

SKAL International Chiang Mai held its Annual General Meeting at Akyra Manor Hotel.
Skål International is a professional organization of Tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. There are many benefits to becoming a member of Skal, among which are the following:

• Connect globally with other businesses using our global database – find partners to make an overseas tour a more enjoyable time for your clientele
• A real chance to place your business and Tourism community on the map of Skål International as a global destination of Tourism and Hospitality –
• Enjoy discounts, special rates & upgrades offered by Skål International members worldwide
• Financial Security in times of need: Florimond Volckaert Fund
• Attend the Annual Skål International World Congress – a great opportunity to network with other members from all around the world, B2B sessions, workshops, seminars and a leisure program.
• Attend regular local and national club functions to network with other executives from the Tourism industry locally and/or nationally.
Annual membership fee at 4,500 Baht for 2023. New members will also pay a one-time 1,000 Baht Registration fee. To become a new member contact [email protected]

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