Press Lunch at New Nara Restaurant

December 2

There was a lunch for local media to launch the new Nara ‘Thai Cuisine’ Restaurant Chiang Mai. Nara is located in the antique building on the U Nimman corner of Huay Kaew Road and Nimmanhaemindha Road (formerly known as Chiang Mai Rincome Intersection). Nara was born out of the passion for food shared by two women. Both were brought up in a culture of love and care for cooking. Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana absorbed the rich traditions and attachment to Thai Cuisine from her family. With her passion in cooking and being exposed to different cuisines and culture growing up. Her cooking style is both traditional yet at the same time experimental. Many of the popular dishes found at Nara or Apinara are her creations. The Restaurant name ‘NARA’ comes from her name which in Sanskrit language means woman’. Sirisopa (Jean) Chulasewok descends from the family who had served under HM King Rama V. Time-honored traditions of Thai food has been passed down for generations and she has always known food to be the center of a happy family life, a place where everyone congregated to enjoy each other’s company. When she and Yuki decided to open Nara, it was out of this shared love for food and all that it represents, the joyous moments of sharing between family, friends, and now the customers. Thus the story of Nara began in earnest. Nara first opened for business in 2004 and has since served countless delicious dishes using the best ingredients. Both women are proud to have elevated boat noodles from a humble street-food staple to famed dish at Nara. Nara Group is the proud owner of a Michelin Plate (Bangkok 2019), they currently have 10 branches in Bangkok and Nara ‘Thai Cuisine’ Restaurant Chiang Mai is the first in the north of Thailand. Specialties at Nara include Northern Hors d’oeuvre / Northern Spicy Pork Salad with Foie Gras / Grilled Northern Pork Souffle / Northern Pork Spare Ribs Curry / Nara Chiang Mai Fried Rice / Northern Curry Noodles. Nara ‘Thai Cuisine’ Restaurant Chiang Mai opens to the public on 3 December 2019. Open Daily from 11am until 11pm.  For reservations or further info call 092-491-9744

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