Press conference H.M. The King Candle Light Vigils

October 26

A press conference by K. Pornchai Jitnavasathien president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Council, was held on Oct 26 to announce; In Remembrance of H.M. The King Candle Light Vigils to be held at Thapae Gate October 29-31 from 4pm until 9pm daily. The ceremony start at 18.00 every day till lighting up the candle jar 19.19 pm. Due to the numbers expected – in their 10,000s – because many universities, organizations etc will take part, not everyone can be at Thapae Gate – therefore on Saturday 29th people will be congregating around the moat – then at 19.19 everyone lights their candles in unison. On Sunday 30th the same will happen but from Thapae Gate to Wat Phra Singh Everyone is encouraged to attend this event, if possible wearing black or a black ribbon. Some 80,000 candles will be provided over the weekend – however if you bring your own it would be greatly appreciated

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