Parakram Diwas at Consulate of India

January 23

Consulate of India in Chiang Mai held a function on January 23rd evening, rigorously following all the COVID-19 norms, to celebrate the 125th Birth Anniversary of the Supreme Commander of Azad Hind Fauz (Indian National Army), Scholar and Statesman Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who had made Thailand one of his base drawing support from the Indian Community as well as the then Thai Government to carry an armed struggle for India’s Independence during the period 1942-45. The speakers included Mr Ravi Bhatia, the great grandson of Lal Singh Pandhi, who had worked as the speechwriter for Bose and was Vice President of the Thailand ‘territory’ of Indian Independence League, INA’s umbrella body before Bose was made it’s Commander-in-Chief; Dr Sharin Bhatia who has in his possession an INA ring which was given to those helping the INA; and the Consul Krishna Chaitanya. Ashok Rajpal rendered a couple of INA song. Catering was provided by Chai N Thai @ Nimmon. The event was part of the three day celebration of 73rd Republic Day of India.

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