Opening of Pangfan Costa

September 22

Local media were invited to the opening of Pangfan Costa, On the irrigation canal road Chiang Mai Province Approximately 2 kilometers from the Ton Phayom Market intersection, on the left-hand side next to the road, there is a parking lot. It stands out with a red building made entirely of bricks, classic and eye-catching.
Pangfan Costa, the new shop is cooler than before. Ready to welcome coffee lovers today. Officially opened today, September 22, 2023, with Pangfan Costa (Pangfan Costa), a shop that focuses on the taste of coffee that is easy to drink, easy to approach, easy to understand, and equally delicious in every cup. You can order every day.
With the shop’s unique formula with coffee beans that clearly highlight the flavor of each variety Selected to give customers the unique taste of that coffee bean. Pangfan Costa (Pangfan Costa) managed by 2 executives who one likes to do. And another person likes to drink coffee, Mr. Nithi Satiramethanon Founder of Pangfan Costa and Ms. Thanatchaporn Sirirat, Co-Founder of Pangfan Costa, opened the newest branch.
The interior is decorated in an English style. English Contemporary, orange brick building, cut with a red shop. The shop’s area size is 150 square meters, able to accommodate customers both inside and outside (35 seats inside the shop, 10 seats outside).
The style of making the menu in the shop is in the style of Speed Bar. There are many varieties of coffee, Cold Brew coffee, drinks Non-Coffee, Smoothie menu, both with and without coffee as an ingredient, bakery, bread, pastries, cold food, sandwiches, salad, yogurt, fresh orange juice, and sparkling drinks. – As for the drink menu, the shop has a recommended menu such as Ginger Honey Latte. Coffee, Ginger Honey Lemon Soda, Yuzu Sparkling Coffee, Matcha Sparkling Yuzu, Matcha Latte Cold Brew.
The store has prepared many promotions such as 1st offer – buy 1 get 1 free (free drinks of the same or cheaper price or free snacks, you can choose 1 item (Orange Peel & Choc Danish, Orange Danish, Blueberry Cup, Almond Twist, Bacon Twist). Step 2 – Take a photo and check in at the store which is open to the public. Show the post to the bar staff and earn points. Score 10 points immediately (worth 200 baht). Third offer – Buy food and drinks in the store for 599 baht and receive a VIP discount card. *Conditions > 1 card per 1 bill, valid for 1 year*
Pangfan Costa Shop (Pangfan Costa ) Open every day from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. See more details. or ask for other information You can get items from the shop at Tel. 095 194 4969, Page Facebook: Map –, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai

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