Opening of Bake Republic at Samson Villa

October 13

Local media were invited to the opening of Bake Republic at Samson Villa, open daily 9am until 9pm. All products are baked fresh daily.
Special promotion: Butter Croissant ‘Buy one get one free’ – usual price 80 THB.
Other Croissants include Macadamia 140 THB / Almond 120 THB / Banana Caramel 120 THB / German Sausage 100 THB / Small Durian Croissant 5 pieces 200 THB … other items on the menu include Mix Mushroom Truffle Pie 90 THB / Cream Chicken Truffle Pie 90 THB /Blueberry Cheese Pie 140 THB / Carrot Cake 120 THB … plus a lot more besides.
Tel 0819514415

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