New Tourist Helpline Launched

June 11

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Safety and Security Standards Division (TAC) launched a new helpline at the Three Kings Monument.  Along with the main national helpline, regional areas and provinces have alternative dedicated helplines; Call Centre National Helpline 02-134-4077 TAC Chiang Mai Province 053-281-438/9  089-301-0400 TAC Chiang Rai Province 053-793-043 TAC Suvarnabhumi Airport 02-134-4077 TAC Don Muang Airport 02-535-3431 02-535-3433 083-131-2267 TAC Udon Thai Province 093-068-9456 TAC Ubon Ratchathani 045-252-713  086-361-4291 TAC Sukhotthai Province 055-610-222 TAC Kanchaburi Province 034-520-335 TAC Ayutthaya Province 035-245-417  082-656-8186 TAC Hua Hin Province 090-446-6056 TAC  Phangnga Province 062-341-9699 TAC Phuket Province 076-327-100 TAC Krabi Province 075-701-493 TAC Chonburi Province 038-054-199 TAC Suratthani Province 077-953-105  087-888-9068 TAC Songkhla Province 097-248-3637   083-001-8198

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