Local Media Invited to Smile Lanna Coffee Shop

June 23

Local media were invited to Smile Lanna Coffee Shop At Smile Lanna Hotel (on the outside of the south west corner of the moat). Open from 7am until 6pm; customers get to choose between air-con inside or outside in a garden setting plus there is an air-con meeting room for up to 12 people.

Smile Lanna Coffee grows their own organic coffee beans in Fang in the mountains 1500 meters above sea level. Due to the altitude it takes approximately 10 months to grow the beans, this improves the quality and produces a unique taste only available at Smile Lanna Coffee Shop.

Examples from the menu:

Coffee: Americano hot 65 baht, iced 75 baht / Espresso hot  65 baht, iced 75 baht, Frappe 85 baht / Dirty Coffee 70 baht / Flash White 70 baht / Piccolo Latte 70 baht / Mocha hot 70 baht, iced 80 baht, Frappe 90 baht / Coconut Latte hot 70 baht, iced 80 baht.

Grilled Ham & cheese sandwich + French fries 90 baht

Tuna Sandwich + French fries 90 baht

Yunnan Noodle + hot sauce + soup + herb drink 129tb

Thai omelet with mince pork on jasmine rice 70 baht

Stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce 85 baht

Fried crispy pork with kale and fried egg 85 baht

Classic Caesar Salad 95 baht

Much more besides…..

For further info www.smilelanna.com or call 053-282-899

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