Launch of HugPun Rice at Rimping Supermarkets

October 13

To celebrate the Launch of HugPun Rice at Rimping Supermarkets, a dinner entitled “The Charisma Taste of Healthy Cuisine with Hugpun” was held at Le Bistro Rimping Promenada. Guest chef at the dinner was M.L. Kwantip Devakula. Dinner included Crab meat salad with Berry Sauce, Riceberry Chicken Consomme, Mix Seafood in Homemade Tomato Sauce with Spicy Rice and Riceberry Ice Cream with Passion Fruit Sauce. HugPun rice, now sold at all Rimping Stores, is a specialty rice, regular and organic. There is Red Rice, Black Rice, Jasmine, Sprouted Brown, Purple Rice, White Glutinous and Black Glutinous. Along with HugPun Rice, Specialty Oil Virgin & Cold Pressed such as Chili Oil and Brown Rice Oil.

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