Khum Hom Café Press Lunch

April 22

Local media were invited to sample the menu at Khum Hom Café, Sri Poom Road (inside the moat on the north side of the old city). Open from 8am until 8pm (every day except closed Monday): serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening dinner (kitchen closes 7.30pm). The cuisine is Thai and western food with a modern presentation.
Examples from the menu: Khun Hom American Breakfast 180 baht / Pad Thai Crispy Wonton 110 baht / Chicken Massaman 220 baht / Hamburger and French Fries 180 baht / Spaghetti Dry Chili and Chiang Mai Sausage 165 baht / Mango and Sticky Rice with Ice Cream (129 baht).
There is a coffee shop and bakery with Khum Hom coffee: coffee orange and peach 140 baht / dirty coffee 110 baht / Americano Honey & lemon 105 baht.
From next month afternoon tea : 590 baht for 2 people includes a choice of tea, savory sandwiches, French pastry,
All prices net
An art gallery is upstairs with an exhibition which changes every couple of months

For reservations or further info 093-223-2777

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