International Women’s Day at Indian Consulate

March 16

Consulate of India held a well-attended event to celebrate international women day, which included a group painting on the campaign theme for this year’s Women’s Day: ‘Inspire for Inclusion’. It was curated by the artists of Crafty Art Club led by Artara Satraroj and everyone participated in it. On this occasion, the Consulate also announced its International Women’s Day 2024 Awards for distinguished work by women in different fields. The awardees included Dr Narumol Bhatia,Head or the Department of Psychiatry in Phrae Hospital; Dr Simmee Oupra, Assistant Professor at Chiangrai Rajabhat University for documenting the history of arrival, settlement and integration of Indian Community in North Thailand; Sangeeta Sirinithipaporn For promoting Ayurveda and Indian philosophy of holistic living; Mae Sot based Ms Alisa Sriprommarak for promoting and teaching Yoga; Ms Narissara Chaiwarin for her contribution in National Day celebrations and other cultural activities of the Consulate; Ms Benchmart Somsiri for her contribution in functioning of the Consulate; Sneha Mehta and Pola Mazumdar Nair for promoting Indian culture, especially folk and classical dances; Mrinalini Rai for her work among indigenous women and for her contribution in advancing the cause of biodiversity; and Dr Dipti Sharma of Faculty of Humanities, Chiangmai University for her work in promoting Hindi.

In an acceptance speech on behalf of the awardees, read out on the occassion, Dr Simmee Oupra stated that: “It is very difficult to say something about a woman when you are one. Not that we dont have anything to say but we have a lot to say.

Simone De Bouvoir once said in her book titled “the second sex” that woman is not born a woman but becomes a woman”. Cultures have moulded us to be the women as portrayed in cultures around the world. Language, also culture, is one that repeats the role of women as inferior. A linguist once wrote that many words with male and female counterparts are not really equal. Female terms always have negative meanings bachelors and spinsters is one example. There are many more if one explores deeply. Our language demotes woman as problematic. However, language expression can change if the society changes. International Woman’s day is the day we, in our respective fields can help change the world and make way for women to walk side by side with men. A woman is an all inclusive being, a powerhouse, when given the floor to work and be herself. She is all the avartar personified. Today we are celebrating that floor which is opened to alll the women in the world.

To all the women, we can do everything in this world. The sky is the limit, go for it.

To all the men, thank you for understanding women and giving us full support to make a change in this world.”

Child artist Thanyarat Panya, a student of Primary 2, Chiangmai Rajabhat University Demonstration School performed a classical Indian dance on the occasion which was followed by screening of a classic Hindi film Pakeezah based on a woman oriented theme.

Speaking on the occasion consul, Krishna Chaitanya stated that celebrating the day, not just a ritual, but an occasion to make people aware, especially the men about the persisting discrimination and inequalities against the women which is an unfortunate reality in the world cutting across geographical and cultural divide. He noted that not many events were being held in Chiang Mai to celebrate International Women’s Day when the Consulate of India started celebrating it in 2021, But he since then it is it is being increasingly celebrated at various forums in the city.

Accha Authentic Indian Restaurant served a variety of traditional Indian dishes and drinks on the occasion.

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