International Coffee Day at Le Meridien Hotel

October 3

Local media were invited to the International Coffee Day at Favola Le Meridien Hotel, celebrating the ‘Art of Coffee’. Illy’s Barista and Le Meridien Chiang Mai’s Barista showcased what happens when art and coffee collide. The demonstrations included how to make the perfect espresso, tips for steaming milk and how to make the perfect cappuccino. Also showcasing: MIDNIGHT ZEST: Diplomatico Rum Reserva, La Quintinye Vermouth Royale, Campari, Homemade coffee and orange bitter, illy espresso, sugarcane produces MIDNIGHT ZEST a cocktail only available at Le Meridien Chiang Mai. MOJITO COFFEE COCONUT: exotic touch of coconut rum in the refreshing and aromatic taste of illy cold brew. AMERICANO COFFEE COCKTAIL: classic cocktail with a cold brew twist. SWEET COLD BREW: vanilla ice cream meets illy cold brew in a triumph of whipped cream with a dusting of cacao. FRESCO VEG: cold brew personalized by a choice of non-dairy milk. All the new seasonal coffees including Favola’s Tiramisu will be available all day in the entire month of October at Latitude 18.

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