Indian Independence Day Celebrations

August 15

It was a huge turnout at the Consulate of India premises to celebrate the 77th Independence Day of India. Consul Krishna Chaitanya unfurled the National Flag of India and read out from the Address to the Nation by President of India Draupadi Murmu. Students of Bharatvidya Division of the Faculty of Humanities at Chiangmai University sang patriotic songs of India and performed traditional dances. Consul Krishna also announced that in celebration of 77th Independence Day, the Consulate has decorated Chansom Memorial Bridge in colours of Indian and Thai flags. The decoration will be on till August 17. The bridge was originally built in 1966 by Motiram Khurana (Jan 1, 1905 – Jun 16, 1978) in memory of his wife Chansom Koslaphirom (Jul 13,1915 – Oct 9, 1964) to make it easy for people to go to the other side of the city. Professor Dr Yos Santasombat; Assistant Professor Dr Ariya Svetamra and Assistant Professor Dr Arratee Ayuttacorn, all from Chiangmai University were awarded Lal Singh Pandhi (Bhatia) Award to for their study “Indian community in ChiangMai: Identity, religion and Trade Networks”. Women Achievers Award of The Consulate Khun Nantana Inlee of NBT North. Former Presidents of Indian Community, Chiangmai, Mr Gangaram Batra (1980-84), Mr Suphap Mantala (1998-2000), Mr Naresh Chhabra (2004-06), Mr Shalee Malhotra (2006-08), Mr Vichai Batra (2008-2011), Mr Manat Kulpakdeesingworn,(2015-17), Mr Ranjeet Singh (2011-13, 2013-15, and 2017-19), and Mr Montri Singsakul (2019-21) were also honoured for their services with Lal Singh Pandhi (Bhatia) Award. Altogether 14 persons were given Overseas Citizenship of India. They are Dr Wipawee Panjinda, Ms Bhavini Logani, Michael Braverman Scult, Maya Evelyn Rai, Nujarin Selaman, Ampai Kaul, Naphakthanun Rajpal, Master Anish Rajpal, Nongnaphun Khoonyosying, Kamonphan Saelee, and Freedan Basumatary, Vorasak Khaniyao, and Ms Laksami Singsakul.

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