French Garden Restaurant Soft Opening

December 9

The soft opening of French Garden Restaurant, Chiang Mai Land Soi 9.

Experience the timeless pleasure of classic European cuisine at French Garden restaurant in Chiang Mai. Offering a wide selection of French dishes, cleverly combined with a hint of Thai taste, this newly opened restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere, affordable French fare, and a memorable dining experience. It’s a fine dining venue with a little something for everyone. Visitors are welcomed with a laid-back and friendly ambience, and the choice of either the outdoor seating area or the indoor air-conditioned dining space. The carefully prepared dishes, which incorporate thoughtfully selected local ingredients, have been created from classic recipes but are uniquely presented here with clever twists. The original signature dishes include: Frog Legs Sesame and Green Sauce, a dish of crispy deep-fried frog legs coated with black and white sesame, which goes well with homemade sauce; and Steak Tartare au Couteau, a great appetizer dish made with finely chopped raw beef topped with raw egg yolk. Fondues are also a highlight here, with meat options such as venison, beef, duck, and chicken, which are dipped into the sauce using long-stemmed forks. Priced at 450 baht per person, it’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy a meal with friends and family (and the meat portions can be refilled). Another highlight are the Tapas dishes, which start at 100 baht per plate. Escargot, a traditional snail dish from France, is another must-try. Finally, the restaurant has a wide selection of tantalizing homemade Desserts available as well. In addition to the gourmet cuisine, French Garden aims to be a premium venue for Wine lovers in Chiang Mai, and the owner has put together a list of carefully selected bottles. For a very reasonable price, diners can come for wine tasting and/or pairing with the delicious food. Come experience a taste of classic French cuisine at French Garden. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and every Thursday from 7 till 10pm guests can enjoy a live blues and jazz music performance. Bon Appétit! French Garden 496/9 Mu Ban Chiang Mai Land, T. Chang Khlan, Muang, Chiang Mai Open: 11.30 – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (closed on Sunday) Facebook: French Garden Restaurant

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