Chiang Mai Elderly Care Facility Wins Major Worldwide Award

November 10

The 2016 Global Over 50s Housing/Healthcare Awards were presented at a filmed ceremony in London. Care Resort Chiang Mai has been awarded The Most Outstanding Care Resort in the World in 2016. The Globals are the most prestigious Seniors Housing and Care Trends Awards in the world. The philosophy of the Global Awards panel is to recognise the best in the world and/or the service provider who has most advanced service levels or innovation. The Global Awards are in their sixth year Care Resort Chiang Mai is a beautiful garden facility for elderly persons care situated in Maerim, Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has been operating for three years. Care Resort Chiang Mai focuses on always providing a high level of care to its elderly guests and allowing them a high degree of independence believing that ‘dignity’ is something that should not be lost. On receiving the award facility owner Peter Brown said he was proud for his wife and himself and proud for Thailand. He praised the exceptional Thai staff and their Thai culture.

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