Chiang Mai Cultural Boat Cruise

August 20

CHIANG MAI CULTURAL BOAT CRUISE. The Boat ride, to promote and to raise funds to build the memorial statue of King Meng Rai , the Founder of Chiang Mai and his secret Buddha, Phra Jao Kaa King. On the occasion of Chiang Mai 720 celebration. The statue will come along with Horsham Luang and reside at Khum Vieng Kaew ( The old women prison) The statue will be built from 5 September to end of December. Its also to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday 7th cycles, and the King on the throne for 70 years. The group led by Phra Dharmasena body of Wat Doi Suthep temple and ex-vice governor of Chiang Mai, Mr. Tanin Supasaen along with Chiang Mai people from all walks of life, in the name of ” The Chiang Mai Cultural’s Continuance Association” Everyone is welcome to take part and support the project. For further details contact, Mr. Jumroonvit and Khun Mam of Shang Hai Long Restuarant as the secretary of the project. Tel 0813221558

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