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Chiang Mai is a city bursting with variety. The rich heritage of Lanna culture blends with contemporary, international influences to create a harmonious explosion of human diversity. The sheer range of activities and pursuits taking place across Chiang Mai is breathtaking in both scope and depth. Art, literature, music, food, architecture, dance, sports, wellness – in fact, almost every field of human endeavour is being probed, discovered and enjoyed.   CityNow!’s mission is to encourage the discovery of those activities and connect people so they can explore them together, make new friends and add to the richness of our city. 

Visual Anecdotes
Art exhibition opening at Baan Tuek Art Centre
Promenada cover dance contest season 2
Apply today until April 21st, 2021.
The Duke’s April promotion
Big April special
In memory of groove
Ticket 300 THB includes one free drink
Ancient Lanna ceremony – Hoong Nam Thip Pee Mai Muang, 3rd day
Deputy Governor Weerapan Dee-on held a religious ceremony this morning,
Ancient Lanna ceremony – Hoong Nam Thip Pee Mai Muang, 2nd day
Deputy Governor Samroeng Chaisaen held a religious ceremony this morning at
LUSH is now at Central Festival
Fans of LUSH have no need to worry, as the aromatic cosmetics shop is only
Songkran & Ngan Wat Night at Ruamchok Café
Songkran & Ngan Wat Night (Temple Fair) at Ruamchok Café