Victim of social shaming, says Grab driver accused by forensics pathologist

 | Mon 12 Oct 2020 14:38 ICT

Last week Dr. Ponthip Rojanasunan, famous Thai forensics pathologist, caused a stir on social media when she claimed a man had been rude to her and hit her car with his hands in the old city of Chiang Mai.

The man in question, Anupong Nantanikom, 24, has now come out to defend himself, saying that he has been a victim of the jury of society. He explained that he was a Grab driver and was only doing his duty, but now his life has been affected by people who claim he has made Chiang Mai lose face and shamed the city’s people.

According to Anupong, he was merely helping authorities enforce traffic laws along Wua Lai Road as it was, Saturday, the walking street day, and there was a lot of traffic.

He said that there was a No Parking sign where the incident occurred and he had previously called the traffic command centre to ask then to make announcement asking all parked cars to movec elsewhere as the road was getting congested. Ten minutes after telling the traffic command centre, he encountered the famous pathologist who was attempting to park where there was a no parking sign. He denied hitting her car with his hands and claim that he only told her that she wasn’t allowed to park. He claimed that after the Dr. Ponthip parked elsewhere she returned to talk to him, but didn’t talk politely. She then took pictures of him and shamed him on social media.

The traffic police have also come out to defend the Grab driver, confirming that that area would normally allow parking, but on Saturday night there were clear signs saying No Parking. The reason there were other cars parked there, and a point of contention for the doctor, who wondered why others were allowed to park while she wasn’t, was that the traffic police were as yet unable to find their owners to move them.