Shop confirms accused ‘life coach’ Sean’s purchase

 | Tue 30 Jun 2020 14:16 ICT

Yesterday news broke about Sean Buranahiran, a well-known life coach, who was accused of misusing 800,000 baht of donated funds towards the firefighting efforts earlier this year. Sean had come out to vehemently deny the accusations, providing receipts for purchases and explaining how the money has all been spent.

This story became a national story after firefighters denied ever having heard of him and the chief of Chiang Mai districts office also claimed to have no knowledge of any donations by Sean. There has also been some controversy over the receipts from Sean’s purchase of alcohol gel which shows a 6,750 baht purchase which was said to have been donated to hospitals. However, the receipt is dated the 24th April, which was when the shop in question was closed over the pandemic. Netizens have been scouring the life coach’s evidence and comments to sleuth the truth.

Reporters headed to Pradit, the shop from which the controversial receipt was issued, a beauty supplies shop in Warorot Market which has been open for over 60 years. The representatives of the shop, who asked not to be named, told numerous reporters that while the shop does sell alcohol gel for the price specified in the receipt, it was indeed closed at the time in accordance to government lockdown measures.

However, the shop had shifted to online sales by that date with many clients purchasing alcohol gel to be picked up from the home of the shop owner. In fact, one client had claimed to be purchasing the gel on behalf of Sean Buranahiran (whose name the shop reps were not familiar with at the time) and the reason the receipt looks so sloppy, said the shop rep, was because it was quickly handwritten by the owners’ mother who saw off pickup of purchases from her home. The shop doesn’t wish to enter into any speculation in this case, but aid that it wanted to state its facts.