Police arrest man for brutal double murder

 | Wed 27 May 2020 14:03 ICT

On Sunday evening a black bin liner and plastic bags were found stuffed with two bodies in an orchard behind a house in a village in Mae Taeng; that of a man and a woman, believe to have been in a relationship.

Police have now arrested a suspect in this vicious murder. The 40 year old female and 50 year old male victims have not been named but were found with multiple stab wounds as well as gunshot wounds to the back of their heads.

According to the female victim’s mother, she was very attractive and a wealthy divorcee, with many men showing interest in her, leading police to speculate as to whether one of them may be the culprit. The victim’s mother and a neighbour both told police that they suspected a man called Kai, 43, of the crime. According to the two, Kai had been having a relationship and been coming round to the victim’s house for around a year. But the victim had been spending more time with the latest victim recently, which may have caused Kai to become enraged. Text messages from the female victim to the male victim inviting him over to her house were sent after she was already dead, according to pathologist, making police suspect that Kai had used her phone to lure the male victim, who he may have been jealous of, to the house to kill.

The victim’s mother, who lives in a house 30 metres away from her daughter’s, said that on the evening of her daughter’s death, she had seen Kai come to the house for a visit, ostensibly to help her daughter cut her grass and do chores. She said that she had given the gate remote control to the man as she had seen him around. She then said that she heard him having a fight with her daughter, after which she heard him leave. She didn’t notice any other movement after, but said that she could have missed it as he had the remote control.

Police went to Kai’s home only to find that he had left a note to his two wives telling them to split his money and assets between them and the children. He also ominously wrote in the note, “Don’t mess with someone who has an owner already”, which police say points to motive. It was also discovered that he may have been involved in drugs as well as ‘dark’ business which the two victims may also have been involved in, but that primarily the reason for the crimes were likely jealousy.

Today police say that last night they apprehended Kai who they found in Chiang Dao where he was staying with relatives waiting to become ordained. According to Kai, he deeply regretted his actions and had planned to spend the rest of his life in penance in a temple as a monk.

Police have him in custody and will prosecute him to the full extent of the law.