Wealthy divorcee and man murdered, ex beau a suspect

 | Tue 26 May 2020 16:14 ICT

Police were alerted to the discovery of a black bin liner and plastic bags stuffed with bodies in Soppoeng sub-district of Mae Taeng late on the evening of the 25th May.

On arrival to the lamyai orchard behind a house in a rural village, police discovered a number of bin liners and plastic bags stuffed with bodies which were soon revealed to belong to a woman police are calling Mon, 40 and a man named Charoen, 50.

Both had multiple stab wounds all over their bodies and had been dead under 48 hours. The house next to the orchard had signs of disturbance with blood trails and furniture scattered about leading police to suspect that the house was the crime scene and the orchard was where the bodies were dumped.

This morning police returned to the scene and discovered some bullet shells on the house’s terrace along with more blood platter which appeared to have been partially cleaned up. Autopsy also revealed that both victims were also shot at the back of the neck.

Police also found the cell phone of the deceased woman and saw text messages between her and the man. The woman had appeared to have invited the man to visit her from his home in the mountains of Mae Hong Son, but police say that they think that someone else sent the text, not the owner of the phone, to lure the man to the scene of the crime. The woman was allegedly long dead before the man, which is why they suspect that she was not the person who sent the text.

Police say they also have a suspect, a 43 year old man who lived in a village near the woman’s house. They will reveal his name at a later date once all evidence has been collected but have told reporters that the suspect was involved with the deceased, going in and out of the woman’s house regularly. The mother of the deceased woman told police that her daughter was a wealthy divorcee who was attractive, and that her only son lived with her ex husband. Living alone, she often had male visitors, one of which was the suspect, with problems of jealously popping up from time to time. Police suspect that it was the woman’s rejection of the suspect which led to her murder. She went on to say that Charoen, the second victim, had been seeing her daughter on and off for a while.

Police say that while they are still gathering evidence, they did go to the suspect’s house to find him, but he has been missing since Sunday.