Mystery of Pi Tia’s death solved

 | Mon 18 May 2020 15:30 ICT
Earlier this month Chiang Mai mourned the loss of Chiang Mai University’s mascot, Pi Tia, a beloved dog which had nearly 160,000 followers on his Facebook page. His death remained a mystery with speculations that he was injured and police saying that they would look into CCTV footage to find out how his body was dumped by the side of the road (he was located by microchip). 

Following autopsy by the Small Animals Hospital, CMU, it was discovered that Pi Tia had had severe physical trauma, which appeared to look like he had been hit by a vehicle. However, Pi Tia’s massive fan club was not satisfied with that response.  When the CCTV footage was released showing a motorbike driving past Ang Kaew lake, where Pi Tia liked to call home, on the last night that he was seen alive and Pi Tia hopped onto the bike, they began to suspect there was more to the story.

A post went viral asking whoever was the rider of that motorbike to identify themselves.

Today a meeting was held between Phuping Police, the NGO Watchdog Thailand and Pi Tia’s team of Facebook admins where police informed the group that the man from the video clip had already come forward. He said that it was he who took Pi Tia for a ride, something many students do with him, as he saw that Pi Tia was alone and didn’t want him to be lonely.

Unfortunately, he said, Pi Tia fell off his motorbike and was run over by a car. He said that he was so fearful of the backlash from Pi Tia’s fan club that he kept quiet and asked police not to share his name.