Depressed daughter of Sankampang district chief kills herself

 | Thu 3 Sep 2020 10:04 ICT

Yesterday afternoon police found the body of a woman in a parked car by a PTT petrol station in Sankampaeng.

She was found next to a brazier which had burnt out.

Police later said that the victim was a 36 year old café owner from Sankampaeng and had been dead for 8-16 hours when her body was found.

Police learned that she was the youngest daughter of the Sankampaeng district chief who told police that she had left home the day before. He said that he thought that she was going to her café as usual, but then later on when he stopped by her café he was unable to find her. He began to search for her and it was him who found his daughter’s lifeless body.

He told police that she had suffered from depression for a while and had already attempted suicide once last year.

This is the second death that we know of from a brazier in a vehicle this year, with a heartbroken woman having committed suicide in the same manner earlier in March.

Suicide rates appear to be on the rise, though this is all empirical, as this year’s statistics have not been published. Read Citylife’s interview with the director of Samaritans Thailand from last month here.