Court rules art faculty drama as internal matter

 | Fri 5 Nov 2021 13:21 ICT

The Chiang Mai court has ruled that a group of around 20 students who filed a law suit against the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, as well as the president of the university and a handful of other university executives, have no case.

The group of students, along with some lecturers, were protesting the cancellation of the annual MADs Pre-degree Exhibition, claiming that the university were penalising them by not allowing them to show their works which will ultimately affect their grades.

The court ruled that as the university was using distant learning, there was no obligation for the university to hold the exhibition and that grades would not be affected. Citing the matter as internal, the court ruled that the executives retain the rights to deny any exhibition requests, as they are the caretakers of the space.

The university executives now say that they will be filing charges against the students and lecturers who cut the chain to enter the exhibition area in protest.

A group of politicians from the Thai Phak Dee Chiang Mai party attended the recent court hearing and brought flowers to give to the university executives.

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