A group of students from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts gathered to call for justice after the faculty seized their art.

 | Fri 26 Mar 2021 21:10 ICT

Thirty students gathered near the Dean’s office to call for justice after the Dean and the faculty members removed their artwork from display, claiming it was offensive to the politic and the monarchy.

As part of their protest, the students installed more artworks in the same place, similar to those the faculty removed. They also used chalk to express their feelings, writing “we need justice,” amongst other slogans.

Nobody was available from the faculty to discuss the issue with the students. However, a security guard monitored the situation from a safe distance.

Some students went to Phuping Rajanivej Police Station, wanting to prosecute Asawinee Wanjing, the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, and his colleagues for theft.

The police would prefer both sides sort it out between themselves, without legal recourse. But if the students insist on prosecution, the police said they would begin the investigation, highlighting it would necessitate an investigation of both sides to produce a balanced summary of the situatio