Wiang Haeg villagers pressure authorities on the recent shooting case

 | Tue 30 Jul 2019 14:06 ICT

CityNews – Wiang Haeng villagers filed a petition to the governor of Chiang Mai to pressure for a proper investigation of a shooting of a man by a police officer.

Jajue Ja-or from Ban Huay Krai Mai village in Wiang Haeng District was shot dead on July 23rd by a police officer, who claims Jajue was suspected to be a drug criminal. The incident infuriated fellow villagers leading to a rally held a few days later, demanding an investigation by a neutral investigative team.

The demand was officially proposed today, July 30th as the group of villagers visited the city hall to file a petition to the governor of Chiang Mai. Najosae Kaju, 33, wife of Jajue, expressed her grief over the passing of her husband, explaining that he was the main pillar of the family.

The villagers will also be filing their demand at the Provincial Police Region 5 later today.

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