Wiang Haeng villagers infuriated after a police officer shot dead an alleged drug suspect

 | Fri 26 Jul 2019 14:03 ICT

CityNews – Wiang Haeng villagers demand justice for a fatal shooting of a man by a police officer.

On July 25th, Ban Huay Krai Mai villagers, Piang Luang, Wiang Haeng District a rally was held to demand justice after Jajue Ja-or was shot dead by a police officer. The incident occurred on the 23rd.

An eyewitness stated that Jajue was returning home from a farm by motorcycle when an undercover police officer stopped him. The eyewitness went to call for Jajue’s relatives but when they returned Jajue was dead with a firearm next to his body.

According to the witness Jajue did not carry any firearm that day, and when Jajue’s mother rushed in to approach the body, she was kicked by the police officer. The assault infuriated villagers and the situation got chaotic. The eye witness has come forward following allegedly misleading reports in the media which accused villagers of ganging up on a police officer.

Jajue’s family confirms that the deceased is not a drug criminal as reported. The rally is to demand an open investigation by a neutral investigation team as well as requesting the officer who fired the gun be transferred out of the area within 24 hours. Villagers also ask for protection for both the witness and Jajue’s family during the course of the investigation.